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Full Stack Developer

Role overview

Generally, we are looking for candidates who are interested in the crypto space. We are looking for full-time commitments. You’ll be working on our WingRiders project, which is a top contender to be the best DEX on Cardano. We released a live version in April 2022. Expect a highly dynamic environment aiming to outperform our fierce competition. As a battle seasoned team, with years of experience, we are always looking for top-tier developers.

DEX is a platform to exchange tokens on the blockchain without a central entity. There are already DEXes on other blockchains, but Cardano has only recently released support for smart contracts. This brings a unique opportunity for us to be one of the major players on Cardano.

The smart contracts are written in Plutus/Plutarch (Haskell). They define the constraints and conditions under which actors can interact with the exchange. For the off-chain tooling and frontend, we are using Node.js services and React with Typescript. Some unique challenges include keeping close attention to the security and scalability of the DEX to allow a large number of concurrent swaps within the constraints of the Cardano blockchain.

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What you will do

You will work together in close cooperation with frontend and backend engineers to support the DEX on multiple platforms: a standalone application, NuFi, and others coming soon. The interface will feature interactive graphs, real-time connection with updates, and a clear UI. The common business functionality and integrations are a key part for the DEXs operations. Depending on your skill level, this can be a senior position that will include leading junior developers and providing them with constructive feedback. Our demanding recruitment process is in place to ensure you can work with the most efficient and high-quality team. SUM UP of your responsibilities:

  • Work on a library and core business logic for DEX used by both backend and frontend services.

  • Integration with 3rd party Cardano projects and wallets.

  • Integration with Cardano blockchain.

  • Working with and leading an international team, providing needed communication, feedback, and improvement.

What you need to succeed

  • Good knowledge of Typescript on the backend side.

  • Experience working with REST/GraphQL APIs.

  • Ideally experience with Node.js backends (Express, RESTify) and frontend experience with React.

Ready to take on the challenge?

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