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WingRiders is a native and fast AMM Cardano DEX offering over 400 listed Cardano native token pairs, and Cardano DeFi services in one platform.



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Direct HW wallet (+Android) support -


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WingRiders DEX Features

ADA Swapping, Cardano Staking, Liquidity Pools, and Cardano Yield Farming

WingRiders is an innovative Cardano DEX offering DeFi services including ADA swap, stake, and yield farming. Aiming to be the best DEX on Cardano since inception, WingRiders is one of the top DEXs on Cardano by TVL, facilitating token to token swaps not only via ADA but across multiple DeFi Cardano projects’ tokens.

  • The presence of stablecoins in an ecosystem provides a safe haven to lock in gains and prevent losses. WingRiders introduced the two largest stablecoins USDC and USDT to Cardano on its launch to mainnet and has just added support for DJED and iUSD

  • Liquidity providers can gain up to FIVE rewards by adding liquidity and farming. These are, ADA auto-staking rewards, a portion of trading/swapping fees, double yield farm rewards, further enhanced gains via the boosting vault, and using their First Riders Tokens (FTs).

  • StableSwaps provide DEX users with the foundation to utilize stablecoins. Traders can swap between stablecoin (pegged) assets with minimal possible slippage and price impact while Liquidity providers can use StableSwap pools, which dramatically reduce the risks associated with impermanent loss, which could lead to benefits resulting in deeper liquidity, higher volumes, and an overall larger pool of fees from which liquidity providers benefit.

  • WingRiders launched with ADA auto-staking where the ADA of Liquidity pools was automatically staked, and rewards returned to the Pool for the liquidity providers. Now liquidity providers can vote on where the pool(s) that they have their liquidity in will stake their ADA.

  • Carrying out crypto transactions safely and securely is of paramount importance. WingRiders were the first to provide direct integration with their app with Ledger & Trezor directly, the two leading crypto hardware wallets. On top of that WingRiders enables the use of the platform directly on Android via Ledger and a usb-c cable including Bluetooth support.

  • WingRiders' vision has always been about being an infrastructure piece in the Cardano ecosystem, to help it grow. The direct integration into Nu.Fi staking wallet demonstrated how the DEX can be integrated into any Dapp or wallet, to offer its functionality to the Cardano projects and in turn expand its use case. Nu.Fi already supports Cardano, Solana and Flow.

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Use the platform to:



Swap various Cardano and ERC20 tokens



Stake your ADA within the Liquidity Pools and Swaps



Yield farming on selected Liquidity Pools



Gain on fees via Liquidity Provisioning



Decide on the course of the platform via WRT

Experience amazing Swap, Stake and Farm features on WingRiders DEX

  • Swapping


    Swap between ADA and Cardano native assets and bridged assets to accumulate tokens you value for a longer term hold or just day and swing trade for short term gains using tokens and stablecoins.

  • Provide liquidity

    Provide liquidity

    Add liquidity driving the utility of the platform and gain a portion of the fees from each trade performed on that WingRiders’ pool.

  • ADA Staking

    ADA Staking

    ADA pools additionally benefit from ADA staking rewards, giving you a double source of gains. Furthermore, ADA in your limit orders is also staked.

  • Yield Farming

    Yield Farming

    Deposit your LP tokens received for providing liquidity into one of the Farms and get rewarded with WRT tokens and other exciting rewards.


Probing the waters


Begin of exploration of the feasibility of Cardano DEX platform

Distilling the core concepts


Conceptual design confirmed

Announcing the Race

NOV-DEC 2021

DEX fully functional on Testnet, WingRiders revealed


Q1 2022

Funding secured, new web platform and new functionalities

Lift off

APR 2022

Mainnet launched, introduction of stable coins

Burning bright

MAY 2022

Wallet integrations and Whitelist opening

Reaching orbit

JUN 2022

WRT public sale and voting for stake pools

Time to leave orbit

Q3 2022

TGE event, farming improvements and community-oriented features

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Among the stars

Q4 2022

DAO voting, users rewarding competitions, community requests

Read more in summary blog

Leaving the galaxy

Q1 2023

Stableswap pools, advanced graphs, Indigo boosting rewards

Last look at home

Q2 & Q3 2023

Pro mode of swap, WalletConnect integration, Launchpad

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Cruising the universe

Q4 2023

Launchpad improvements, Community features

Charting new horizons

Q1 2024

Launchpad extension, Variable batching fees

breaking boundaries

Q2 2024

New home page, DEX V2 smart contracts and PoC

beyond the known

Q3 2024

Cardano ecosystem-focused features, Catalyst development

Towards the eternity

Q4 2024


Pro version

Infinite possibilities


Batcher fees paid in WRT, Decentralization, Ecology impact fund

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